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1. Who are we?

The  Filmar Factory  is one of the  leading  socks producers  in Poland. We have been operating in the market since 1990. The company’s capital is 100% Polish. We employ 80 workers in  the factory located in Toruń. We use modern machinery manufactured by such companies as LONATI, TECHNOPEA and CONTI COMPLETE. For the production purposes we use top quality natural yarns as well as advanced technical fibers - Coolmax, Thermolite, Lycra, Carbon,  Kevlar,  Merino Wool, Amicor, bamboo yarn, natural or mercerized cotton, Kermel…

2. What do we manufacture?

We create our own type of assortment present in the market under  a few brands. One of them is Expansive  – technically advanced sports and outdoor socks.
Our goods are constantly tested by representatives of many sports disciplines and thanks to their opinion we may improve our products. The socks have proved useful in every even most extreme conditions. Among our clients there are also uniformed services, e.g. (JW 2305). Our big achievements are slow-burning socks meeting PN/EN/ISO 1416:2008 standard. We also cooperate with the most prestigious and well-known clothing manufacturers, designing special collections of socks with their logo. We possess experience in designing technical outline of the socks, patterns and selection of materials in accordance with individual needs of the client. In a short period of time we are able to manufacture all types of socks used by uniformed services or  sportsmen .
We also offer individual lines of socks collections . You can choice project and we can do it!  We guarantee high and complete customer service including: designing socks and labels, preparing samples, printing labels, complete production, packing goods and shipment.

3. The exclusive distributor for Poland

The year 2014 was a breakthrough time for our company as being a leading and primary sock manufacture we also became the exclusive representative of Nanogate Textile&Care Systems GmbH, one of the leading Western Europe companies producing professional care, impregnation and cleaning products for leather and various fabrics for the trademark feldten present at the market for 100 years. We offer a wide range of modern products that clean and protect your shoes, jackets, technical products, backpacks... 'You must feel it's feldten' has become the motto of the company, which has been holding an exceptionally high position in product quality research. The company has been consistently improving the quality of their products - the website link - www.nanogate.com.
The other group,the Filmar Factory offers at the Polish market, are high quality multifunctional gadgets manufactured  by MUNKEES that combine the qualities of small pendants, decorations and, a very useful function, kits   - the website link- www.munkees.com.

4. The outdoor shop

The Filmar Factory has been the owner of the professional equipment shop SALAMANDRA for 10 years. The shop has been successfully developing the sales network of outdoor clothing and tourist equipment. We possess massive experience and knowledge that is also applied in the process of production of technical and sports socks.
Products of the following renowned brands are available in our shop: Brubeck, Regatta, Dare2be, Marmot, Berghause, Deuter, Millet, Milo, Tatonka, Boreal, Lafuma , Asolo, Aku, Source, Primus, MUNKEES, Victorinox....
- the website link - www.klubsalamandra.pl

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