1. Only modern and certified  OEKO TEX yarns

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COOLMAX - fiber with technical properties, guarantees moisture wicking, ensures proper air circulation and long-lasting dry sensation.
ikona thermolite   THERMOLITE - modern thermal fibre, ensures perfect thermal comfort in extremally low temperatures helping move the moisture out of the sock at the same time.
 logo wełny   MERINO WOOL - natural merino wool, guarantees ideal thermal isolation, long-lasting dry sensation and enables the skin to breathe.
 logo przędzy lycra   LYCRA - „fiber with memory”  and elastic properties, guarantees stability of sizes and high comfort of wearing.
    POLIACRYL - low density synthetic fiber, is responsible for thermostatic properties, increases durability of the sock, is responsible for stability of sizes, improves comfort of usage.
drzewo    NATURAL COTTON - high quality natural fiber guarantees high level of color resistance, has natural breathing properties, ensures thermal isolation and dry sensation, characterizes with high durability, guarantees high comfort of usage, good air circulation and moisture absorption.
 napis kevlar   KEVLAR - fibre with technical properties, has very high resistance to stretching and thermal factors, guarantees stability of sizes and high durability of the sock.
 czerwony znak z napisem stop bakterią   PROLEN SILTEX - yarn modified with an anti-bacterial substance based on biogenic silver ions (Ag+) preventing bacteria and fungus growth, reducing bad odour, maintaining skin biological balance, ensuring long-lasting freshness sensation. It is also both user and environment friendly.
 napis amicor na niebieskim tle   AMICOR - fiber with technical properties, guarantees moisture wicking, ensures proper air circulation and long-lasting dry sensation.
    POLYAMIDE - synthetic fiber with high resistance to tearing and rubbing off, really well absorbs the dye, guarantees high durability of the sock.
 napis kermel na zielono niebieskim tle   Kermel PN/EN/ISO 1416:2008 – naturally nonflammable fiber, ensures maximum protection against very high temperatures (up to 1000C) for a short period of time, guarantees thermo-stability i.e. coherence of clothing which enables escape from the danger zone. The fiber exposed to very high temperatures does not melt nor burn but gradually carbonizes; it does not allow for the fire to spread. It guarantees very good thermal isolation, mechanic durability and outstanding comfort together with quality appearance (the fiber does not lint even after long-term everyday usage) and long-lasting color. Non-flammability of the fiber is its constant feature resulting from its chemical structure – containing high number of aromatic structures and double chemical bonds. Uniqueness of this fiber includes connecting maximum protection against fire without the loss of comfortable qualities.


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3. A team of well-qualified employees- from the designer, the technologist, the line worker, the sales representative to the logistics specialist, the warehouse manager and the office worker.

4. The design of the sock model is adjusted to the specific activity or environment, in which it will be used and based on the analysis of the market and the needs of the user.

5. Testing the samples.

6. Production of only checked and positively approved sock models.

7. Introduction of the models to the market- selection of the labels, presentation to the potential clients.

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