Filmar factory Toruń

About us


Our history

We are one of the leading manufacturers of socks in Poland. We have been operating in the market since 1990. In our production plant located in Toruń, we employ 80 persons and our company's capital is 100% Polish. We use modern machines exclusively from LONATI. For the production of socks we use both the highest quality natural yarns and innovative technical fibres.

We create our own collections of socks dedicated to specific customer groups. We can distinguish between the following brands of socks:

  • Fenomen – models of elegant and casual socks,
  • Expansive – technologically advanced sports, outdoor and technical socks.


Every model of any brand has been or is tested by representatives of numerous sports disciplines. Owing to their opinions, we are able to improve our products and adapt them to various environmental and climatic conditions or the specificity of a given sports discipline. The socks have been proven in all the most extreme conditions and our customers also include representatives of uniformed services.


COOLMAX - a technical fibre that guarantees transporting moisture away from the skin. It ensures long-lasting air circulation and the feeling of dryness. It protects the foot against chafing.

THERMOLITE - a modern fibre with thermal properties, providing ideal thermal comfort in extremely low temperatures and, at the same time, helping to wick moisture away from the sock.

MERINO WOOL - natural merino wool guaranteeing perfect thermal insulation, a long-lasting feeling of dryness and allowing the skin to breathe.


POLYAMIDE - a synthetic fibre with high resistance to tearing and abrasion, helping to maintain the colour intensity and guaranteeing high durability of socks.

LYCRA or ELASTANE - a “memory fibre” with elastic properties guaranteeing dimensional stability

POLYACRYL - a technical fibre with thermostatic properties, increasing resistance of the sock to wear, responsible for dimensional stability and ensuring the comfort of wearing

NATURAL COTTON - a high-quality natural fibre, guaranteeing a high level of colourfastness, with natural breathing properties, providing thermal insulation and the feeling of dryness. The natural cotton is characterized by a very high durability, high comfort of use, good air circulation and moisture absorption.

KEVLAR - a fibre with technical properties, very high tensile strength and thermal strength, guarantees dimensional stability and high resistance to wear

PROLEN SILTEX - yarn modified with an antibacterial agent based on biogenic silver ions (Ag +), inhibiting the growth of fungi and moulds, reducing unpleasant odours, maintaining the biological balance of the skin and providing a long-lasting feeling of freshness. It is safe for users and natural environment.

AMICOR - a technical fibre responsible for antibacterial and antifungal properties, containing a preparation preventing the growth of bacteria responsible for the unpleasant smell of sweat and a mixture of preparations that neutralize microorganisms, which serve as food for dust mites.

Kermel PN/EN/ISO 1416:2008 – a naturally non-flammable and non-fusible fibre that provides maximum protection against very high temperatures (up to 1000°C) for a short time, guarantees thermal stability, i.e. cohesion of clothing, which makes it possible for one to escape from a dangerous place.


Our machines park

We produce socks using our modern machines manufactured by LONATI, an Italian company. We manufacture socks 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Owing to this, we have a large production capacity. We can ensure short lead times for orders, which, in many cases, do not exceed 30 days.

Working with the use of 156, 168 and 200 needles machines makes it possible for us to maintain a diverse and large range of available patterns and socks structures.